Welcome to the Mobil3 Generation

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The Mobil3 Generation was created in January 2010 as an outlet to present consumer opinion on wireless technologies as they advance, provide reviews of current wireless handsets and carrier networks, applications, and software from a consumer based opinion. You dont like the opinions? Don’t read them. Please bare with me and this temporary home until construction on this blogs final resting place is completed. Enjoy.

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iPhone Doubles its Download Capacity

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Image Credit: Wired.comFor those of you who are out of luck when it comes to finding a wifi connection to get your apps that exceed the previous limit of 10MB, fear not – Apple has just announced that its users can now download applications up to 20MB.

It is speculated that this change occured due to the anticipated debut of Apple’s iPad, which will more than likely have larger file sized apps to support, thus increasing the limited download size on a network. So, assuming you get coverage on your At&t network, download away!

Read more at wired.com

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ColorNote for Android

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Application: ColorNote
Rating 8/10
OTA: Android Market – search “Notepad”

Browsing through the Android Market for a notepad app has been quite challening, however last night IImage Credit: Social & Mobile came across one that actually had several features I was looking for.

Image Credit: Social & MobileFirst off I’d like to point out that not only is this application capable of making “notes,” but it allows you to create checklists – which is handy when you plan on grocery shopping. Another great feature this application has to offer is the ability to  select different colors for each note, much like post-its and if your like me and overly organized, color coating makes life much easier. In addition to the “post-it feel” there’s also an option to leave your notes on the home screen – cool.

I found this application very useful, however I would have liked it more had the “post-it” like shortcuts on the home screen been larger and allowed you to see the entire note. Perhaps this will be included in Social & Mobile’s next update.

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Finally A Notepad App for Android – ColorNote

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It is certainly about time a decent notepad app showed its face in the market, and its free at that.

Full review to come later, but check it out now in the Android Market by searching “notepad.”

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YouTube on the HTC Droid Eris

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As a current Droid Eris owner, I am partially bias to anything Android – and given the last few devices of mine were HTC, I have to admit I’m smitten with the brand. However, I am thoroughly ticked off that I can’t watch YouTube on my device unless I actually go out of my way and use my browser. Before the ranting begins and accusations of laziness set in… there are few things to note about my personal agenda when it comes to phones, if it doesn’t work when I want it to, where I want it to, then its worthless to me.

Now I’m sure that once they put an update out with the fix – I’ll be smitten once again with my phone, but for the time being I have to say that I’m quite disappointed. A phone in the price range of $400 should really be fully functional, especially if you are paying for the service to use ALL of its capabilities. It is such a tease to have the YouTube app update the videos daily on the phone, and then be immediately disappointed when trying to watch them… I loath seeing “Sorry, this video cannot be played,” even if it is to watch something silly.

In case there are other users out there who have been experiencing similar issues with their Eris, I’m posting a link to a great article that explains this mishap as well as offers a bit of a work around, unfortunately I wasn’t able to get it to work, but other may have better luck.

Potential Droid Eris YouTube Fix

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Google Sky Maps

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Application: Google Sky Maps
Rating: 9/10
OTA: Android Market – Search Sky Map
Link: http://www.google.com/sky/skymap.html

Image Credit: Google Sky Maps

Google Sky Map for Android

Ever looked up at the sky and wondered where your zodiac constellation was? Well, if you have your phone on you, assuming you’ve got an Android powered device, you can find the location just by pointing your phone up! Google Sky Maps uses your Android phone’s compass, GPS, and accelerometer to pin point the location of stars, planets, and constellations – no more rummaging through that dusty box of “garage sale” books to find your star map, just grab your phone.

The only real downfall worth noting about this particular application is length of time the program takes to load – however it is well worth the wait.

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What Your Early Termination Fee Really Pays For

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So you are unsatisfied with your wireless service and you want to cancel with your carrier – whip out your wallet ladies and gentleman… if you are under contract of course. Below is a list of current early termination fees (ETF) you can expect to see on your final bill.

Carrier Early Termination Fee
T-Mobile Starts at $200
Sprint Starts at $200
Verizon Wireless $350 PDA / $175 Non-smartphone
At&t $175

You can go ahead and pick your jaw up off the floor now. All four of these carriers prorate their ETF’s based on how many days you have left on your contract, so if you simply can’t stand your provider anymore – go ahead and cancel, but proceed with caution.Image Credit: Verizon Wireless

What exactly does your early termination fee go to anyway? Remember when you bought that fancy phone at the store? Chances are you probably got a great deal on it, and in most cases you either got it for free or free after rebate.  For example, a PDA like the HTC Eris sells for $469.99 on verizonwireless.com without a contract – if you sign up for that particular phone online and sign up for a 2 year contract let’s say at wirefly.com it’s free, even for a simple feature phone you’ll expect to pay around $150 without a contract for it.

Going back to the HTC Eris example, let’s say you signed up for a 2 year contract and get the phone for free. Verizon expects you to pay for their monthly service, which is about $80 a month for all you’d need to enjoy the device. That works out to $1920 for your entire 2 year agreement. So, say your Joe Schmoe and you just don’t like your service and you decide 3 months in you want to cancel. Verizon loses $1680 alone on monthly service fees and $469.99 on top of that for the free phone they gave you. Assuming I haven’t confused yet, you’d know that Verizon just lost $2149.99 on you. Your early termination fee of $350 is an effort to try and collect barely even a fifth of what they lost.

Let this be a lesson to all, read your contract carefully before signing anything.